App!system – Enterprise mobility and software services conference

App!system – Enterprise mobility and software services conference

A company’s IT network usually considers as a closed system but lately it’s affected by two factors. From one side, users may want to bring their personal devices into corporate network and on the other hand service providers moving toward bringing more and more element into a cloud solution.

There is a solution to these challenges, it can be customized to any organization- but everyone has to find their own right solution - this conference will help to structure the problem and to help you ask the right questions.

One of the themes of the conference is consumerization, BYOD (bring your own device) or enterprise mobility – it doesn’t matter how we call it, regardless of company size and activities it is an important IT trend that will change expectations of IT. Companies getting strong demand from employees to use more and more mobile devices, smart phones and tablets on corporate infrastructure and able to access data base. This may include the integration of new corporate mobile devices or personal devices brought in from the outside to access corporate data and assets. It is essential to pay attention to these initiatives. But one question remains – How to deal with this problem with the scarce IT resources?

Another important focus of the event is the introduction of software services. The spreading of software services and mobility goes hand in hand and results in the thinning the binderies of the IT infrastructure. So, why not bring the software from the outside? IT outsourcing puts a pressure on in-house IT operations, it is hard to argue with economic reasons, however, the platform revolution can be a peaceful transition of value to all parties if you properly prepare for the changes in the IT and constructively participate in the emerging dialogue. What kind of questions can the IT expect with the introduction of SaaS into the organization’s IT infrastructure? This is what the conference is all about.

The publisher HWSW App! - event and training session - the last year has received more than 1,000 visitors. As part of the series, last year we held our first business data processing App! event with the theme - “Cloud infrastructure and platform services” from the eyes of developers and operators. The App! system conference designed to map the changes in the latest enterprise IT trends and innovations in that year.