Interview with Zsolt Szabo, Head of IT Operations at Infobex

Interview with Zsolt Szabo, Head of IT Operations at Infobex

The Infobex Ltd. was founded in 2011, but with decades of technical and engineering experience, with the aim of providing complex IT services to strategic partners in Hungary and clients abroad. Infobex provides IT services and support to more than eight hundred user. Today the company employs 45 IT personals and recently launched a new division, which adds accounting, management services and ERP services to the company’s growing supply range. A significant portion of our customers come from the agricultural sector. Our mission is to introduce new, innovative, strategic-level information systems and professional customer service to our clients.

"A significant part of our customers come from the agricultural sector, which is special in our profession because business built on trust, but at the same time it requires the same operational efficiency, information security, as at any other company" - said Zsolt Szabo IT operations manager. "However, in order to meet the high expectations of quality and reliability, planning processes and Workflow systems are needed. We set up a service desk - a single point of contact - to ensure that the processes, incidents, problems and requests received will be followed up and monitored. To be able to meet these requirements we implemented a service management tool - TOPdesk. Initially, we only used incident management, but the growing number of incidents required us to set up the problem and change management modules too "- said Szabo.

When Infobex Ltd. raised the demand to implement a service desk management system, we looked at a number of solutions, even worked on our own software as well. Then we find TOPdesk Hungary Kft. "The Dutch based TOPdesk has an office in Budapest with a Hungarian developer team who knows the needs of Hungarian companies and culture. In addition, the flexibility shown both in development and attitudes, gave us important business and human values. We also think that is important to pay attention to customer-specific solutions that we build into the cultural specificities of our clients", - explained the manager.

At Infobex we pay special attention to constant development, human resource development, and service development. "We also realized it’s important in TOPdesk. The new version of the software, fifth edition just arrived, which is nicer, clearer, cleaner, and easier to use. Together with the team at TOPdesk, their helpfulness and openness put our ideas into reality. To our users, the most important thing is to provide a high quality of service, service them properly, able to report incidents, follow up on them, and receive an up to date feedback, and feel that we really taking care of business. In this process, the TOPdesk is an excellent tool"- explained Zsolt Szabo. He added: "I’ve a principle, and TOPdesk helps me realize. It is not enough to go out there to solve a problem and then come back. It is especially important to talk, to communicate with the client, the users. This way we learn a lot more about the problem, the user needs and help prevent the failure. In the communication process TOPdesk plays a key role”

TOPdesk: transparent, secure and measurable

When I first went to a presentation at TOPdesk to look at the system, I was amazed of its set up, the windows, text boxes, scroll downs, category and so forth - how we’re going to handle this? Was my first reaction ... "- says Szabo.”When we sat down to try, we realized that it is completely logical and easy to use interface, and we’ll able to learn the functions in 1-2 days. In addition, our customers and our users are interested in how we operate. During meetings and events we give presentations on our operations and have to show and tell our work flow and processes. We found out that the traceability of our work makes customers more tolerant toward us. TOPdesk always available, stable, there was no such thing as a mistake or had stopped. This is a strong safe guard to our customers and colleagues that we are always there, you can ask for help and receive support, and this makes them feel safe. The baseline is that our services are consistent and able to provide users with the highest quality of service and this is also important in the IT. We’re able to live up to our slogan, which reads: "Solution from the background" - added Zsolt Szabo.

"The measurability, and measurable IT is my other importance" - said the leader. "TOPdesk helps me achieve this. We are able to tell how many incidents we had, and how many of these are reported by user or reported by TOPdesk monitoring systems. TOPdesk is a real supporting tool, where not the system controls us, but rather works with us and fits together with our work. "